"OMG - NewJeans" (2023)

This design was inspired by KPOP group "NewJeans"' latest single, "OMG". Design was also used as a sticker.
"The Hangover Club" (2019)
"The Hangover Club" is a T-shirt design created for a school event. The events illustrated are in reference to the memory that students experienced during a school trip to Washington D.C.
"Say It Louder!!" Campaign (2018)
"Say It Louder!!" was an illustration piece created for clothes company ModCloth's "Say It Louder" T-shirt contest. Their "Say It Louder" campaign "celebrates inspirational women, each with strong, unique voices and empowering stories to tell."
(CR: ModCloth Website) The only criteria for the design were to show what the phrase "Say It Louder" means to the designer, as well as incorporating the catchphrase into the design.
Kinokuniya Tote Bag Contest (2018)
This design was made for Kinokuniya Bookstore as an entry for their tote bag contest. The criteria was to create an original design based on the theme, "Book Journey".​​​​​​​
Hot Topic T-Shirt Collections (2018)
Various series of illustrations created for design contests hosted by Hot Topic. The contests gave contestants the opportunity to create designs for merchandise based off popular franchises sold at Hot Topic stores.​​​​​​​
This series of illustrations was for the Disney Princess Fan Art Contest, which gave contestants the opportunity to create designs for merchandise based off of the Disney Princess franchise. These designs were inspired by Princess Tiana from the movie, "The Princess and the Frog".
This illustration was for the Spongebob Squarepants Fanart Contest, where contestants created pieces inspired by the famous Nickelodeon cartoon, Spongebob Squarepants. This patterned design was based off of the episode "Frankendoodle", incorporating characters and references specific to the episode.
UTGP '18 (2017)
The UTGP 2018 was a "Global T-shirt Design Competition" run by UNIQLO. The 2017 theme was Marvel, the only limitations being the creator's imagination and the list of Marvel characters provided on the competition website.

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