The installation centers around a twenty-four-page children’s book that follows the main character, Ari, a child who has created a pretend world of her own with her amazing imagination. Ari encounters a breed of robots calls the “bright-faces” who promise her the luxury of creating anything she could come up with, putting her imagination and the world she has created at risk.  
Sketch proposal and the final installation. The inspiration for the installation was a children's classroom. I used a warm palette as well as crafting supplies and classroom items (construction paper, yarn, bookshelf, classroom chairs, fluffy rugs) to give a feeling of bringing a classroom into the gallery, inviting guests to come over as the warmness of a children's book invites a child.
Surrounding the books are “paper children” meant to represent the melding of imagination and technology into a child’s creativity, These paper children are constructed out of drawings from children aged six to eight-years-old who have participated in the research for this project. Other research constructed for this project included discussions with these children about their own technology use, along with the rules for that use. The inclusion of children and their work was an important factor in making this project genuine, and much of the inspiration for this project came from these children. 
The book also has augmented reality capabilities, with the aid of the HP Reveal app. The inclusion of AR touches on the pro-technology part of this project.

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