This design was inspired by Princess Tiana from the film "Princess and the Frog". Specifically inspired by the movie's sequence for the song "Almost There", this design presents one of the many iconic lines from the song in a similar art style and color palette from the movie sequence. Choosing to design around this specific line was a choice made in hopes to empower those who have been seen as "crazy" for their efforts in fulfilling their dreams. 
This design was also inspired by Princess Tiana from the film "Princess and the Frog". Since the movie takes place in the 1920s, the specific inspiration for this design was the advertisements from that time period. The design advertises Princess Tiana's restaurant with an art style similar to the movie sequence for the song "Almost There" as well as lines from the movie in reference to Princess Tiana's famous beignets. 
Sketches for both designs.

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