"E Lei No Au I Ko Aloha" (2018)

"E Lei No Au I Ko Aloha" was USFCA Hawaiian Ensemble's 11th Annual Ho'ike. The design was inspired by the name of the show, which translates to "I Will Cherish Your Love As A Beautiful Adornment", represented visually with two hands holding one lei as a symbol of community and a celebration of togetherness.
"Ha'ina Ka Puana No Ka U'i O Hawaii" (2017)

"Ha'ina Ka Puana No Ka U'i O Hawaii" was USFCA Hawaiian Ensemble's 10th Annual Ho'ike. The inspiration for this design (as well as for the entire show) was the story of the legend of Maui, the demigod who pulled the Hawaiian islands from the sea. Design and illustration elements are taken directly from the story.

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